But don't make the mistake of thinking that photography will always be a relaxed process. The photographer who always sees himself as calm & sedate, as nothing but a slow absorber of a place, will more than often miss the meaning which the place is trying to offer him. Rush to get it if you have to, moving as quickly as nature often does. The quick movement, the sudden noticing of something perfect but passing in it's perfection - that too must be part of the photographers' vocabulary, which goes far beyond the boxes of lenses and filters. It is a quality of mind. The shutter in the camera will move in tiny fractions of a second. You must not lag behind.. . . it is that instantaneous, disappearing nature of the beautiful moment that of course makes it all the more precious. To capture that is something only photography can do and is above all - even speaking technically and chemically - a response to what is there in front of you. The light is going, it's beauty is there for no more than a few seconds, it is fading before your eyes, and you cannot ignore it.

The Making of Landscape Photographs by Charlie Waite

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