Sometimes - and it is of course a rarity, something to be treasured and remembered - a landscape becomes in front of your eyes everything you ever hoped a landscape could be. This is difficult to describe as an experience, let alone say how one might arrive at it. It is, of course, not something that can be engineered. Partly perhaps it is valuable because it is rare and can only be given, not sought or deliberately looked for. It is highly personal. All one can think is "Yes, for me, what I see in front of me, what I am attempting to record, is what seems to me like a sort of revelation."

That must be the ultimate aim of Landscape photography. It's business has to be revelation, in both it's senses; a revealing of the material things that go to make up a place; and a channel through and beyond those things into the sort of realities which only revelation in it's wider sense can give you access to.

The Making of Landscape Photographs by Charlie Waite

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