…I am incredibly suspicious of photographers who specialize in the nude. I feel sure the majority takes these photographs because they want to see a girl without her clothes. They get their kicks from seeing and photographing a naked woman. I am not criticizing this attitude. It seems a harmless enough a way to achieve a sensuous feeling – but I am not convinced that the end result has any merit whatsoever. These men are conning themselves when they try to justify their pictures on artistic grounds. The majority of people are, understandably, afraid to say to a girl: “please come along to my room, and take your clothes off so that I can look at your body.” So they use a camera as an excuse. That’s fine. But they must not attempt to convince themselves, or others, that they are achieving some artistic end. Only very, very occasionally I see a picture of the nude that seemed to be worthwhile shooting purely for “artistic” reasons…

Views on nudes by Bill Jay

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