The camera can represent flesh so superbly that if I dared, I would never photograph a figure without asking that figure to take its clothes off… It is monstrous that custom should force us to display our faces ostentatiously, however worn and wrinkled and mean they may be, whilst carefully concealing all our other parts, however shapely and well preserved… Our fashionable books on African and Australian travel are full of photographs of dark ladies undraped and unembarrassed whose natural propriety passes unchallenged because their self-possession makes us forget our natural prudery.

{Perhaps G.B.S. was over-influenced by his admiration for his own body. He was very proud of his physique, even as an old man. But he practiced what he preached and posed in the nude for Alvin Langdon Coburn in 1906} – Bill Jay

Views on nudes by Bill Jay

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