Quotes by
George Bernard Shaw

[1856 – 1950] English playwright, political writer, art critic and amateur photographer

"Some Criticisms of the Exhibitions," in Amateur Photographer (London, 16 Oct. 1902; repr. in Bernard Shaw on Photography, 1989).

Bernard Shaw on Photography by Bernard Shaw, Bill Jay, Margaret Moore (Editor)

ISBN: 0879053380 This book is available from Amazon


The Best of Popular Photography by Harvey V. Fondiller

ISBN: 0871650371 Page: 276 This book is available from Amazon


in 1901 (lack of success in photography made him to express this statement)

A Concise History of Photography by Helmut Gernsheim

ISBN: 0486251284 Page: 186 This book is available from Amazon


as a reply to press comments on his posing in the nude for “Le Penseur” [“The Thinker”] by Alvin Langdon Coburn.

1000 Photo Icons by Anthony Bannon (Foreword), George Eastman House

ISBN: 3822820970 Page: 420 This book is available from Amazon

I would trade all the paintings of Christ for just one snap shot" http://www.bonniemitchell.com/blog/?p=1024 But I also did find this version of the quote on twitter: